At SmudgeLab, maintaining user privacy is always at the top of our list. We've outlined our privacy policy below. We think it is the best privacy method, short of moving into a cave on a forgotten volcanic island where there is no Internet or phone reception. And you know that wouldn't be nearly as cool as was portayed on Lost. Think of our privacy policy as a common sense approach to interacting with our users.
Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 11, 2011

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the service(s) and website(s) offered by SmudgeLab. If you have any questions, Contact Us!

Usage tracking: We collect usage information. This information is boiled down daily into anonymous sums of frequent requests or hot-spots. A frequent request is typically an image that is served over and over again. This is even better for you if you made the ImagePack and are receiving payments. (See the Contribute page for more details). A hot spot can be a URL with heavy traffic. Collecting this usage information helps our system cache the most active data and ensures speedy access to all users.

Sharing of usage information: We do not sell or share usage information.

Personal Information: We collect minimal personal information. The only thing we verify is your email address during registration. Other than that, we know nothing about you as a user. However, if you are a contributor/author of content, we likely know your mailing address and how to pay you. This information will not be shared with external partners.

User communications: SmudgeLab does not have private messaging, chat, mail or other standard forms of written communication. What we do have are system invites that allow you to type a personal message to the recipient. Most likely this will be a simple message from you, such as, "Hey, I found this awesome service called SmudgeLab! You really need to check it out". We keep this communication. As a rule of thumb, don't put personal confidential information such as credit card numbers, SSN, or similar into these messages.

Personal notes: SmudgeLab allows you to annotate in speech bubbles and thought bubbles, as well as general text. This information is stored by SmudgeLab and is required in order to present it back to you when you revisit a URL with your notes. As a rule of thumb, don't put personal confidential information such as credit card numbers, SSN, or similar into these notes.

Public API: SmudgeLab's utilizes an open API for communication with our service. For the most part, anything you can be done through the browser extension, can be done via API. Afterall, that's how we're doing it. We welcome users to utilize our API enhancing their own services or extend SmudgeLab to platforms not yet supported. We do however ask you to Contact Us!. Let us know, so we can help.. as there is likely additional details & documentation we can share.

Third party applications: As of launch, SmudgeLab does not currently have third party applications. This is a possibility with future releases. As with the API, SmudgeLab will ensure user privacy prior to launch and will inform our users of appropriate privacy policies regarding third party application usage.

Third party websites: SmudgeLab pushes notifications to other websites when you elect to do so. This may make a thumbnail, graphic, or text available to other users on the third party site. As stated above, don't put personal confidential information such as credit card numbers, SSN, or similar onto Smudges that are to be published to third party websites.

Changes to this privacy policy: SmudgeLab will periodically update this privacy policy as we continue to develop the SmudgeLab service offering. Your privacy is our utmost concern. Please check for updates.